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June 7th 1984  (Age 33)
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Hello and welcome to this very special Geek Pie spin-off. It's been created in celebration of the fact that next week I might have a job and Breezy will be doing whatever she does. From what I gather this usually involves her pretending to go to auditions and singing lots of angsty girl pop at the top of her voice.

Between applying for jobs and her singing we've fitted in a lot of twatting about. We realised today that if I start full time work this is going to have to come to an end. A few weeks ago we were having one of our very deep and meaningful chats and hit upon a plan to one day spend the day as the Desperate Housewives.

To mark the end of this particular era of our lives we decided that the time to do this was now and this website is the result.

If you like it, let me know. If not, blame Breezy.

Ta ta,



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Apr 9, 2006

All that time spent with the old people of Ruislip had left Breezy and I feeling a bit nauseous. To remedy this, we decided a change of scenery was in order. We jumped in the car and took to the hills. The Northwood Hills.

While driving around Breezy smelt something. A heady mix of tire rubber, engine grease and chugging engines. She followed her nose and before long we found ourselves parked out the front of a garage.

Once Breezy had been forcibly removed from the forecourt and I was warned that my map of Lego Land was not going to get us anywhere in the real world, we drove off.

This time I was behind the wheel leaving it to Breezy to do not very much at all and so she started amusing herself in other ways.

Video: From time to time Breezy likes to think she's Tom Baker. She's not obviously. She has more facial hair.

Suddenly, my phone rang. I panicked, thinking that it might be something to do with a job and that I'd blow my chances by blurting out that now was not a good time for me to talk because I was playing Desperate Housewives. It was alright though, it was my brother asking if we could watch his kids.

Could we? Of course we could! This was just the kind of shit that the Desperate Housewives live for. So we turned our car around and headed back to Hayes.

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