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Hello and welcome to this very special Geek Pie spin-off. It's been created in celebration of the fact that next week I might have a job and Breezy will be doing whatever she does. From what I gather this usually involves her pretending to go to auditions and singing lots of angsty girl pop at the top of her voice.

Between applying for jobs and her singing we've fitted in a lot of twatting about. We realised today that if I start full time work this is going to have to come to an end. A few weeks ago we were having one of our very deep and meaningful chats and hit upon a plan to one day spend the day as the Desperate Housewives.

To mark the end of this particular era of our lives we decided that the time to do this was now and this website is the result.

If you like it, let me know. If not, blame Breezy.

Ta ta,



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Apr 9, 2006
Two little boys

As soon as we pulled up outside my brother's house, he was out the door. He tossed us the house keys before comandeering our vehicle and driving off, leaving nothing but a plume of white smoke in his wake. He didn't say a word. No mention of when he'd be back or where he was going. More forword thinking folk might have thought to ask him, but we're not really ideas people.

I winced as I opened the front door as concern about what we would find on the otherside swelled inside me. I closed my eyes, took some deep breaths and started to give myself a little pep talk. Just I was getting to the: "Whatever it is, you can handle it," bit, Breezy --fed up with my dilling and dallying-- pushed straight passed me and sauntered off into the front room.

I walked in more gingerly and  was greeted by my youngest nephew with some very familiar words. He looked me up and down, screwed up his munchkin like face and said:"I hate you Carrot! You're stupid all the time!" He then flounced off and into the garden wearing odd socks and shoes and with chocolate spread all over his face.

This is something we always go through when he sees me. It all started on Christmas Day, in a scene worthy of the Eastendes' festive episode. I asked him if he wanted someone to play with him and his new toys. He then turned round and said:"Yes. But not you, Carrot. I hate you. You're stupid all the time." I was crushed. I turned round and my family was stood there shaking their heads in sympathy. Although, I'm pretty sure I heard someone utter:" He's little, but he makes a strong point." Now he says it everytime he sees me.

My other nephew, Zack is always much happier to see me and despite being only six ( or possibly seven, I'm not very good with ages where kids, adults or the elderly are concerned) we have a lot in common. We both obsess over all things Spongebob, the thought of dancing polar bears keeps us in belly laughs for hours and we both giggle when someone says the word poo.

 Today he was dressed in a karate suit, for reasons we never managed to establish. It was made irrelevant once he sustained a head injury while the following piece of footage was filmed.

No children were harmed in the making of this video. Only the one in the karate suit. He gets his MRI scan results on Monday.

Following Breezy's success with Zack, she then turned her attention to Kai, the Caroline hating 3-4 year old.

Breezy is going to make a wonderful mother someday.

It was then my turn to try and keep the kids amused. There is another version of this clip at YouTube. Neither of them went to plan, so we left them as they were. 

Kids hate me. That's all there is to say.

In the end, we knew we were fighting a losing battle. The kids didn't want us to amuse them, they just wanted to be left alone to get on with the business of their day. Eating copious amounts of jam sandwiches, insulting me and getting to watch Spongebob.

Then Breezy and I had to find other ways to amuse ourselves until our big brother got home.

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