Entry: Cooking and gardening Apr 9, 2006

Me and Breezy both came to the conclusion that kids today are rubbish. There we were playing dressing up and getting into mischief. Meanwhile, all the boys wanted to do was sit on the sofa, watch TV and absentmindedly pick their noses every so often. Where was the fun in that?

After realising that us being there had no effect on their actions, Breezy and I set about trying to organise some more situations for the housewives to get involved in. 

I decided that Bree needed (or I needed....it's all getting a tad confusing) to do some gardening. Breezy decided to make me some lunch.

The videos are below.

There was actually stuff growing in there and I destroyed it. I owe my brother one hanging basket. Whoops.

That's not acting. That's exactly what she's like when she has to cook at home.



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