Entry: Goodbye boys! Apr 10, 2006

At about 5pm my brother arrived back with our car. By this time, Breezy and I were pretty peckish and realised that maybe it was time to fit in the extra value budget meal we had planned to top off our day as Desperate Housewives.

After establishing where my brother had been all afternoon (the dentist. He had told me when he phoned us earlier in the day but, I'm getting on and my memory is not what it was) we had to make a quick getaway. Our nephews started grassing us up about things we'd broken (a shed window) , killed (some flowers) and defaced (Kai).

We jumped in the car and with our pedal to the metal (is that a saying or have I made that up?) we left a trail of dust as we hot footed it to Ickenham for dinner and drinks. This is where, I suspected, Bree would come into her element.  


Cheap Dunk
May 18, 2012   11:20 PM PDT
Verry useull info, thanks.

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