Entry: Hey, hey, hey! What's going on here? Apr 4, 2006

Last week (Monday 27 March 2006) some news reached Geek Pie HQ that got Breezy and I very excited. Desperate Housewives was being made into a Sims style video game. You can buy a plot of land on Wisteria Lane, set up home and live the life of a forty something old crone. Admittedly, this might not sound like everybody's cup of tea in terms of life aspiration, but we're simple people and enjoy simple things.


After a very long and drawn out conversation about what a great idea this was for a video game, we realised with the release date for the title scheduled for the end of 2006 we wouldn't get to play at being Bree and co for ages.


Coupled with the shock news that I might soon have a proper job and have less time to arse about on the internet and with Breezy, we hit upon a plan to make sure that in the next few weeks we manage to shoehorn in as much arsing about as possible.


We decided that we couldn't wait until December to play pretend housewives, we needed to do it now. On Wednesday 5 April 2006, that's what we are going to do and our exploits and adventures will be documented here.


We can't promise you laughter, we can't promise you good times, but we can predict that you'll be glad it isn't you that's agreed to do this.


See you soon and with red faces,


Caroline and Breezy


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