Entry: It's all in the preparation Apr 4, 2006

Many of the schemes that we embark on at Geek Pie are half baked to say the least. Most of them never get any further than us discussing them while sitting in our pyjama's in front of GMTV and Jeremy Kyle. Also neither of us has been blessed with the longest of attention spans, meaning that a brilliant idea we might hit upon one minute disappears into oblivion the next.

This Desperate Housewives thing has gone a bit further than that. We have a map showing everywhere we are planning to go to tomorrow, we have a timetable of events and we've already organised our props. This is quite easily the most organised thing we have ever done. The day we moved out we didn't actually start packing until my sister's boyfriend arrived with his van, but I suspect this had more to do with the realisation dawning on Breezy that she wouldn't be getting a homecooked meal again for quite some time. She went into denial and refused to pack anything. Kids, eh?

Yesterday night, Breezy decided that we should be assigned roles (it's the drama student in her) according to which housewife we most closely resemble in terms of attitude. I chose Edie, but then Breezy helpfully pointed out that I'm not a slut. I suggested that she should be Susan, but then we both realised that she's rubbish with her stoopid slapstick moments of non-hilarity every episode.

There was only one thing for it. We'd have to take a test. Thankfully, the show's official website has one here saving us from having to put in too much effort. The results say that Breezy should be the young, sexy and materialistic Gabriella Solis and that I am the uptight, repressed and embittened Bree Van De Kamp. Excellent!

Two words: Mirror Image

Again, the likeness is uncanny!

As there is only two of us, the other housewives will be slightly under represented during tomorrow, but apart from Lynette I'm not all that big a fan of any of the others anyway. We've dealt with it and moved on and we suggest you do the same.

Ta ta,

Caroline xxx


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