Entry: Sleepy heads and cold feet. Apr 5, 2006

This morning, Breezy stumbled into my room with her arms trapped above her head and her mouth stuffed with red cotton.  After putting on my glasses, it was quite clear to see that the red top she'd bought so that she could pretend to be Gabrielle all day was obviously a bit tight. She couldn't even get it over her shoulders.

I got up to help her and after twenty minutes of pulling at the material we managed to get it to fit. I thought getting changed into our clothes would have been the easiest part of what we were trying to achieve today, but no. It was right then that I started to reconsider what we had put ourselves up for. Would it be so bad just to not do any of it and stay at home. We could even watch the Desperate Housewives boxset. Maybe we should just go about our normal everyday business at Geek Pie and not do the silly things we had planned.

Hmm, actually maybe a break from our old routines was just what we needed. Despite what the video clip showed, the last few weeks have been a bit rubbish around here. I spend my days sending off CVs, waiting to hear back from the jobs I've applied for and trying to work out new combinations of vegetables (carrots, swede, grandparents) to liquidise and turn into soup.

Breezy leads a slightly more glamorous existence. She's at college most days doing dance and drama;she goes along to auditions every so often and sings at gigs in the evenings. But still, doing this day in, day out can start to make your life get a bit humdrum.

So with this in mind, I got on my black pencil skirt, blue round toed wedges, my matching blue jumper and , to finish off, a set of my Mum's finest pearls. Breezy, often famed for dressing more slutty than any part demands (since when did any of the orphans in Annie wear crotchless panties, Breezy?), had a red low cut camisole on (once we managed to get it over her head) and black office shorts. To match she borrowed a strange black cardigan of mine, which I only bought because it said it doubles as a scarf and a poncho and bought a killer pair of red stiletto to finish the ensemble off nicely.

Once dressed, it was time to get the day started.   


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