Entry: Breakfast is served! Apr 5, 2006

As Bree, I took it upon myself to invite Gabrielle (Breezy) to our Uncle's house for breakfast. I was supposed to make pancakes, serve her coffee and prepare fresh juice, but I forgot to buy any of it.

Video: My half-hearted attempt at breakfast making for Gabrielle (Breezy)

Video: Gabrielle arrives for breakfast- This clip has prompted someone to comment on YouTube that he'd give her breakfast. Hmmm, quite.

After a well deserved telling off from Breezy, I ran to the 24-hour garage on the corner of his road in order to fetch supplies. It was 11am, I was all dressed up and half walking /running along the quiet residential street where my Uncle lives. Once I reached the forecourt, I twisted my ankle and had to hobble the rest of the way. This obviously attracted the attention of the gum-chewing lady --with a figure like Buddha-- behind the counter, because she gave me a very quizzical look as I walked in.

Surveying the shelves, I quickly realised I'd be hard pushed to find anything that the Desperate Housewives would eat in there. It was all microwave burgers, Cornish pasties and hotdogs. I went to the fridge to look for some fresh orange juice and the best they had was squash or Special Brew. Although, cool can of the bad stuff would have gone down a treat then, I decided I'd better take the cordial.

As I walked to the till, it was my turn to give the lady in charge of the till a look. That much facial hair on a man would be cause for concern; but on a lady, it should warrant them being taken in for scientific testing.

I had to look away when I handed her the cash and I'm glad I did. Not because I would have bought up the coffee I had drunk on my way out of the house, but I spotted a packet of out of date croissants on the fast sale shelf.

What a result! Breakfast was saved and off I ran, back to the house. On the way I considered my progress so far in trying to live like Bree. To be honest, I don't think I was doing a very good job. But then, look where all those fine breakfasts and periods of super organisation had got her. She had a dead husband and a murderous stalker on her back.

Maybe I wasn't doing too badly after all.

Video: Gabrielle eating the wonderful breakfast I'd prepared. Hmmm scrumptious.


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