Entry: Two for tea? Apr 7, 2006

With a less than hearty breakfast inside us, we decided to take the car and hit the road. The first stop was Ruislip, where we pencilled in a trip to the high street to mingle with the well to do and colostomy bag carrying residents of the town and planned to take in some of the local landmarks. Unfortunately, we discovered that places of actual interest are quite thin on the ground round there.

The only place of note we found was the duck pond. We hung around there and took a few pictures of us enjoying the surroundings. Desperate Housewives are always going to places like that!

After a while, we started to get chilly and decided to treat ourselves to a lovely cup of tea and a sit down in a tearoom near the duck pond. This place is renowned for being twee and quaint. We could just imagine Susan walking in and landing head first in a cake or something. However, when we got in there, we realised the place was populated with beings that looked like they'd survived the asteroid that took out the dinosaurs, they were so old.

We sat down, placed our order and waited. I don't think either of us have ever felt more uncomfortable and out of place in our lives. It was made worse by the fact that we both heard the lady who took our order say, "God, I think they're prostitutes. Look at their shoes!" Now a lesser pair of adventurers probably would have gulped down their tea, thrown a fiver on the table and legged it, but that's not our style.

If people start staring at you and you can't think why, you have to do something to make you worth staring at. Me and Breezy resolved to whip out our camera and get shooting. The pictures are part of the slideshow below and please make sure you check out the decor in the back ground.  


April 7, 2006   09:53 AM PDT
look at their shoes!

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